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Honestly? The series is ok and I really loved the whole concept behind it (the movie was great). The actors are pretty good especially Jake McDorman. But 9.33 out of 10? Come on...The plot is only decent, it didn't have a single major twist in 16 episodes and then what about all this dumbness that comes with the major character? The puppets, the cartoons, the extremely awkward censorship? This is supposed to be a sci-fi thriller and so far it's falling towards a 2nd rate comedy..hope I'll be abl
The series is actually pretty good, nice and funny dialogues, action and suspense and I l'll keep whatch it, though on the dark side, I got to admit that I did anticipate all the major plot twists by at least 2 episodes.
Mr. Robot
The best new series of 2015 by far. An intresting and articulated plot, multi-dimensional characters and a perfect rhythm. A must watch!