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  • 11% Action
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Favorite Series

Never got past the first minute, I saw an incoming baby plot and ran away. Considering the lines were poorly delivered by 25yo teens, I see no reason to keep watching.
CSI: Cyber
Poor acting, bad directing, horrid writting, including uncanny tech, intense staring, villanious villains, cliches, non-sensical plot development general over-the-top-ness and Lincoln. Feels like the unwanted child of Criminal Minds and CSI Miami
Mr. Robot
Superb acting, strong storyline although the multiple POV are poorly handled and often feel irrelevant. Sensationalist approach to mental illness, but at least with proper research behind it. Deffinitely worth watching
Sex, drugs, insert music genre. How subversive. Boring, pretentious, gratuitous. It's a brain wank.
Falling Skies
I have just finished watching this show. The first two seasons were really good: action, intrigue, and pretty good character developement kept me watching one chapter after another for days. Then came season 3. And 4. There are three things that should never exist outside of their specific genre: Baby Plots (family drama), teenage love triangles (teen drama), and Mary Sues (Parody), and Falling Skies does them all. What started as humanity on the run from aliens, barely surviving but making sm
Forever Season 1 Episode 1
Starting the series, at my mother's and sister's rec. So far, the Pilot has been intriguing, amusing and action filled. I guess they were right :)