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  • 27% Drama
  • 17% Comedy
  • 11% Crime
  • 8% Mystery
  • 8% Action
  • 6% Adventure
  • 24% Others
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Favorite Series
Excellent show,far better than Sherlock,love the rapport between Sherlock and Joan.Superb cast.Highly recommend
Bull (2016)
Excellent show,each episode is exciting and never predictable
The Big Bang Theory
whilst I find the show funny,I do find some of the characters irritating at times.This 9th season feels as if it is being dragged out for the sake of making another season
NCIS: New Orleans
Another great show from the Ncis franchise
one of the best shows on tv
Truth Be Told
fairly funny,the two husbands are good characters,but the wives are boring
Scream Queens
love this show,so funny
How to Get Away with Murder
A good show lot of twits and turns,sometimes can be a little predictable with the behaviour of some characters,but on the whole a good show
Doctor Who
I've watched DR.WHO since I was a child in the 1970s,so have seen the show develop along with the special affects etc.. Peter Capaldi as the DR and Clara have been probably the worst pairing in decades. eagerly await a new companion or the next regeneration
Finding Carter
the main character is irritating but on the whole the show is good
The series is much better than the film. It is getting better with each new episode.
Madam Secretary
Excellent show,good mix of humour and series issues
The Flash
I watched the original series of the Flash years ago,this is by far the better of the two. I love the cross over shows with the Arrow