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Because my television stations are always a year behind American ones. Else I wouldn't be here.

Favorite Series

Scorpion Season 3 Episode 4
Episode was 10 times better than the last with very few awkward moments. Also - THAT LAST SCENE. JUST THAT LAST SCENE. If you love Quintis . . . JUST THAT FINAL SENTENC.
This is the type of show you want to watch when there's absolutely nothing else on except for the Old Spice guy. The acting is sub-par, not terrible but not quality standard either. There are glimmers of hope towards the end of the series however, as it tends to be fast paced (ideal for binge watching on Netflix, but not for standard episodes on television). Once you know what cast members will fail a scene, you know when to expect some cringe moments. Otherwise, it's a solid show with a solid i
It's not absolutely terrible, but there's not a lot here that makes it great, either. The finale of season 1 works well to tie most of the knots and is a fitting ending for a series facing cancellation - it was a solid closure moment. The first few episodes? Great. Then it started to lose it's stride. C'mon, Bradley Cooper! What are you *doing*!?
Beauty and the Beast
The finale is the most satisfying ending to this show.
Beauty and the Beast
It's a good show, but most of the episodes prove to be irrelevant in the whole scheme of things. I watched up till half-way through season 1 and skipped all the way to the season 3 finale, and found that I hadn't missed much/didn't need much explained to me. The storylines are similar, and it's saving grace in season 4 is the relationship between Vincent and Catherine. The scenes between them are usually the best.
Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18
I'll admit that I'm disappointed, being an avid The Flash fan. I'd hoped the writers would bring something interesting to the table. Instead, Barry got an ass-kicking fit only for a character who needed to be kept on the sidelines because he was too overpowered. The writers need to be a bit more creative.
No stream links are available for this show.
Marvel's Daredevil Season 1 Episode 2
If you consider the pilot a mediocre start, "Cut Man" really knocks it out of the park.
Star Trek: Enterprise
The first two seasons of Enterprise were nothing at all special. They weren't horrible, they were just on the edge of can't-watch/okay. Half-way through season three, they finally pick up their stride, and it would have been a good series if they had of proven themselves with one more seasons. Regardless of the work getting to that point, this is the result. Like it or hate it, (and keep cringing at the theme song); it's Star Trek: Enterprise. I need to point out that it's also canon in JJ Abra
If you love your action comedies and up for some nerdy fixeruppers, this one's for you. Sure, it may have it's cringe moments, which are fewer than you might think, but Chuck's aim is to entertain and bring a story to life. With a final episode that wrapped things up nice and with a bow, the journey from start to finish is one you don't want to miss.
Star Wars Rebels
Rebels: Even if you're not all that into Star Wars, you're going to like it. From the people who brought you The Clone Wars is an action packed, family-centric adventure
Star Wars Rebels
Rebels: Even if you're not all that into Star Wars, you're going to like it. From the people who brought you The Clone Wars is an action packed, family-centric adventure