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  • 28% Drama
  • 13% Action
  • 12% Crime
  • 10% Sci-Fi
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 8% Adventure
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I havn't got time to brag about myself but to be straight up i'm a very picky person of where my interests lie and that should define a part of me, but hey never judge a book by its cover right? I love series with a proper story line that develop a sense of thrill and excitement with a touch of humor along with a strong image of a character's persona. That's how I feel and i am an artist myself and i believe that should not place any limits or caps on certain judgements or conclusions. - u5man4 / U2i

Favorite Series

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 9
psychological thriller at its best
epic series after the movie
Naruto Shipp┼źden
you can watch it on naruspot.me both dubbed and subbed
The Flash Season 2 Episode 17
lol @ overheight..the height of lying - there are only 23 episodes per season and for those who wish to know which episodes come online they can refer to episodate.com website for the exact air time info
Suits Season 5 Episode 15
From the start of the series best season plot ever!!! To this part, the protege Mike ruled by his emotions but given a chance to make something of himself (his entire lifestyle built upon it) and Harvey the best closer but who saw something in Mike to commit a felony and hire a fraud ....The worst cliffhanger ever...yet amazingly produced that near the end of the episode the emotion level is almost palpable T_T....(Yup now the intense one week of waiting for the finale is going to be living hel
Suits Season 5 Episode 11
suits back with a bang...not only does this episode fulfill that restless hype that has been built up since mid-season finale but also a line of events followed to make the plot more interesting with twists and dilemas which i seem to feel overwhelming as it was a little too fast to take in however the emotional level could have been a little more palpable..but then again its why its a top series again right? ;)